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our story

He treates her like shit and takes what he wants. She loves him but he doesn't even give a fuck. Better not break her heart now. Better not smash it against the stonewall that she leans on.
Subjects of cheating and matters of decpetion come up and he is full of angst. He cannot trust her and she cannot leave him alone. He'll use her and throw her away. He'll fuck her and she'll be waiting by the phone for him to call her. But he won't. Yeah, I've been down that road before. Yeah, I know how this feels.
Her emotion is stable but her heart is fragile. She knows what she can get and appears strong to the eye.
But he'll finally take her down. With his foot on her heart he'll finally have her right where he wants her. He'll shatter her heart into peieces and watch her love for him gush out like tears from her eyes.
He'll use her and trash her like a burnt out ciggarette. She'll sit at home in her room in the dark and cry her eyes red and swollen to the songs of Thursday. She'll hurt and he won't even realize it.
After all he just wants to fuck her. Fuck her over and leave her and never speak to her again every chance he gets. She's got to know the truth. She's got to know who he really is.
She looks into his eyes trying to find something. She's looking for the burning fire that she has for him but he doesn't have for her. She'll be suprised to find something else. Nothing. Nothing, at all.
Just cold gray eyes that stare angrily back towards her because she won't give in. This is what she gets for loving someone who always plays their games and never deals their cards wrong. But someday, they will.
When you finally ditch her, when you finally slit her throat, when you lock the box that holds her love for you in it. Don't expect to be able to fall back on me.
This isn't right. This wasn't supposed to happen. But it did and it's going by fast. Pretty soon he'll be calling another girl up and asking
"can we repeat older times and just rewind?"
"No. Never."
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