little miss straight fucking celeste goodyear edge (heboughtroses) wrote in emo_sex,
little miss straight fucking celeste goodyear edge

name: celeste

age: 16

location: phoenix, arizona

sex: female, though my parents are convinced i'm a guy...haha.

music: death cab for cutie, recover, HORSE the band, nodes of ranvier, cursive, mineral, saetia, murder by death

favorite lyric: "you gotta sink to swim, immerse yourself in rejection." cursive: art is hard. why? it's basically what i live by. not much to it.

strong beliefs: well, i'm straight edge. but, i don't preach it. my aunt is now homeless drug addict. as a kid, i looked up to her a lot. that basically turned me off on anything of that sort. i also have strong beliefs concerning people who chew their food loud. my god.

hobbies: school, pretty much. math could be a hobby of mine haha. other than that, i play soccer and read. music, of course is the number one thing.

best concert: well. i saw hopesfall and every time i die in may, which i enjoyed the most. but seeing recover/coheed/thursday a few years ago was amazing.

favorite food: applesauce, definitely.

something i'm ashamed to admit: when dan keyes held my hand, i almost pissed in my pants.

do i enjoy art: sure, music. i have no artistic talent what-so-ever, so i admire anyone who produces any type of artwork. i really dig stuff from the neoclassical period.

describe my personality: nerdy. and i laugh more than anyone i've ever met, which says a lot.


quite a few pictures. have at it.
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