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some of you may have already seen these pics



Location:alberta, canada

Sex: m

Name some music you like:american analog set, as friends rust, bad religion, blood for blood, boy sets fire, fugazi, jets to brazil, mogwai, no knife, primus, rites of spring, small brown bike, social distortion, sorry about dresden, the cure, the good life

Website: it's just a crappy personal site. It's in my info.

Favorite lyric and why: Can you imagine for a second doing anything just 'cause you want to? Well that's just what I do so hurray for me and fuck you.--I like it because it's how I would like to live my life someday. I know I don't do everything I ever want to, but I'd like to.

Any strong beliefs: straightedge

Hobbies:bmx, photography, guitar

Best concert/show you've ever seen:Bad Religion in Edmonton

Favorite food:pizza, fries, ramen. Normal stuff

Something you are ashamed to admit:For some reason I'm ashamed to admit I've been in love before. I don't know why, it's just I know for a fact I could never tell anyone I know.

Do you enjoy art? if so, whats your favorite kind and artist?: Photography. When people mess around with contrasts and stuff. Pictures of Cityscapes, landscapes. That sort of thing. Favorite photographers would be Mark Losey, Ane Morales, Manu Sanz, Rob Dolecki and Scott Papiro.

Describe your personality:I'm a sarcastic pedant who has absolutely no right to be one.

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