Keep your arms around me (somethingashlee) wrote in emo_sex,
Keep your arms around me

i'm just curious...

hmm..i'm i'll take a shot!

eh...these are the only pics i have..i hope they are oK!

i made that shirt myself. woo hOO!


ok well that should do it....not the greatest pictures cuz i dont have a digital camera:/

Sex: Female
Name some music you like:taking back sunday, brand new, yellowcard, the starting line, the early november, senses fail, postal service, northstar
Favorite lyric and why: "and you know it's not so easy when; you're all alone"--the early november-- b/c i can relate to it. i hate not having that special someone...
Any strong beliefs: i like to live my life day by day. doing what i want and fullfilling it with awesome things and doing stuff that i wouldn't "normally" do. i like to have a goooood time.
Hobbies:listening to music, hanging with friends, writing songs, trying to teach myself how to play the guitar...
Best concert/show you've ever seen: i've only been to one so far. i'm a concert virgin basically. the drive thru records tour was awesome though.
Favorite food:chinese /arabic food
Something you are ashamed to admit: i dont like the way i look
Do you enjoy art? if so, whats your favorite kind and artist?:i like art..roy lichtenstein's stuff is prettty good. i'm not A MAJOR INTO art person. but i like it.
Describe your personality: i'm pretty crazy. and fun. but when i'm around people that i dont know, or in a surrounding that just "isn't me" then i can get really shy and quiet. but normally with friends i am the hyper and loud one. :)

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