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it really is white.

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it really is white.
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yes, this one is tiny.

Name: <b>Amy </b>
Age:<b> 20</b>
Location: <b>Fullerton, CA</b>
Sex: <b>female.</b>
Astrological Sign: <b>Aries & Taurus, I was born on the cusp.</b>

10 bands you listen to: <b>le tigre, ladytron, the rapture, moving units, the faint, blood brothers, mount sims, dance disaster movement, belle & sebastian, rilo kiley.</b>

Favorite lyric and why:<b> "no need to bite my lip, i'd rather bite your hip..." - mount sims. in love with the hipbones. <3</b>
Favorite 5 movies: <b>fight club, requiem for a dream, snatch, rules of attraction, 28 days later. </b>
Best trait: <b>my hair overpowers me.</b>
Worst trait:<b> giving too much. i know that was very emo. </b>
Any strong beliefs: (sxe,vegan,vegetarian,religion, ect.) <b>no label. </b>
Single/taken: <b>single. </b>
Hobbies:<b> I do hair and makeup. fashion, going to shows, meeting new people...</b>
Best concert/show you've ever seen: <b>the moving units and the rapture. together, one night, amazing.</b>
Favorite food:<b> i'm open to try new things. i have a little fat girl inside of me that wants to get out again, but that can't happen. </b>
Something you are ashamed to admit: <b> i've been smoking ciggs for seven years. not something to be proud of.</b>
Do you enjoy art? if so, whats your favorite kind and artist?: <b>i'm an artsy lover. Andy Warhol takes the top spot.</b>
Describe your personality: <b>i'll be the first person to talk to you. if i have something, and you want it, consider it yours. I'm one of THOSE people, how emo. I 'm a hair and makeup person. all around happy with those emo moments. hope that describes it.</b>
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