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Name: jill
Age(no younger than 15): 18
Location: singapore (i'm from indiana and san diego.)
Sex: girl
Name some music you like: my favorites are alkaline trio, the postal service, saves the day, coheed and cambria, the get up kids, rilo kiley, dave matthews (shush!), and the beatles
Website: nope :\ i'm in a band called morning star (i sing) but we don't have a website or anything. <3
Favorite lyric and why: "i'm thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned." (postal service.) because it gives me the chills.
Any strong beliefs: i'm against war, but as far as strong beliefs go that's about it. i eat animals, i have sex, i drink beer, i smoke cigarettes, and i don't believe in jesus. but i'm open-minded and i think that anyone who has a valid argument and knows what they're talking about rocks for believing in things strongly.
Hobbies: singing, theatre (i plan on majoring in it next year at indiana university), playing guitar (although i never seem to make time for it anymore), and hanging out downtown. singapore is a beautiful city.
Best concert/show you've ever seen: i think the first time i saw alkaline was the best. i had to wait through a violet kick in the head while the bouncing souls played for my spot in the front. well worth it. also, everytime i see saves the day i melt.
Favorite food: sushi
Something you are ashamed to admit: despite being a part of these communities, i don't take criticism well at all.
Do you enjoy art? if so, whats your favorite kind and artist?: i do, but i'm not really into it.
Describe your personality: i'm really outgoing and generally pretty nice, but if someone fucks with me or my friends i'm not one to be reckoned with. (all 5'3 of me.) i get really annoyed with people who try to educate me about the music i listen to..i'm sure a lot of you feel similarly. i try to always be happy, but usually there's one thing holding me back. and i like to be funny.

waaay old. haha.

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