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Name: Jenna
Age(no younger than 15): 16.
Location: plymouth, mi.its small and stupid.
Sex: female.
Name some music you like: the blood brothers, the postal service, deathcab for cutie, taking back sunday, q and not u, rilo kiley, bright eyes, brand new, reggie and the full effect, furtherseemsforever, more.this is what came up first.
Website: MIA.
Favorite lyric and why:
do you think, maybe, you could love me or like me maybe?
maybe you'd look at me, you'd talk to me, we could marry, live in this tree.
but it's unlikely. you don't like me, and i don't like me, and it's unlikely

its from the band i hate myself.why... well.. it just says something to me about my nature.youd have to really know me to understand, but i suppose it lends some insight to what kind of person i am.
Any strong beliefs: not really.i like talking religion with people, because i dont understand peoples faith.i'm agnostic by choice, not ignorance, so i like to hear why religious people are that way.in general my beliefs are radical/democratic, so that says something for you.
Hobbies: getting slurpees at random hours of the night, reading, putting on lipgloss.i like driving around a lot.
Best concert/show you've ever seen: when i saw the postal service last april, or maybe the reggie show i just went to.the postal service was good 'cause it was at a nice, small venue and i was right next to the stage.good view and all.the reggie show.. just the atmosphere, it was amazing[ly hot, too].
Favorite food: eurgh, i dont know.i like eating a lot.it doesnt matter.
Something you are ashamed to admit: i'm super analytical and i tend to over-analyze/think about things too much.i exhaust the topics in my head.
Do you enjoy art? if so, whats your favorite kind and artist?: i'm really into photography, but mostly student art at my school.nothing in particular, i just like looking through pictures and being amazed.i'm also a huge writing fan, poetry and short short stories.no favorite authors though, really.
Describe your personality: im surprisingly shy.if i'm with someone i know in an unfamiliar situation, i will stick to them, and not even attempt to meet anyone else.if, however, i'm comfortable with my surroundings, i'm bitingly sarcastic in the most friendly of ways.

picture time.

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