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cha cha

mmm wife beater
title or description
title or descriptiontitle or description
Sorry if I posted these wrong. I'm new to LJ and the like. :/
Ok, back on topic.
Age(no younger than 15):15
Location:Chicago, IL
Sex: Female
Name some music you like:copeland,ben folds,rilo kiley,dilinger escape plan,death cab for cutie, mewithoutyou,desaparecidos,Coheed and Cambria,tbs,modest mouse, alkaline trio, thrice, thursday, postal service, cursive, bright eyes, the clash, brand new,azure ray,the faint.
Website: (good for band promoting! but it's ok if you don't have one)none.
Favorite lyric and why:Oh god come quickly, for the execution of all things Let's start with the bears and the air and mountains rivers and streams Then we'll murder what matters to you and move on to your neighbors and kids Crush all hopes of happiness with disease cause of what you did -rilo kiley. Because I can relate to it in many ways.
Any strong beliefs: (sxe,vegan,vegetarian,religion, ect.)I believe in Jesus.yeah. and im edge.
Hobbies: writing.drawing.guitar. fun stuff.
Best concert/show you've ever seen: I recently saw brand new. They were cool. But my faveourite would probably be seein' rise against, great show.
Favorite food: my mommas mashed potatoes
Something you are ashamed to admit: I sleep with a teddy bear.
Do you enjoy art? if so, whats your favorite kind and artist?: Van Goh is cool. His work amuses me.
Describe your personality: loud. quiet. simple. compassionate.
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