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[10 Sep 2005|10:39am]
how will i go on

our story [20 Mar 2004|11:37am]

[ mood | creative ]

He treates her like shit and takes what he wants. She loves him but he doesn't even give a fuck. Better not break her heart now. Better not smash it against the stonewall that she leans on.
Subjects of cheating and matters of decpetion come up and he is full of angst. He cannot trust her and she cannot leave him alone. He'll use her and throw her away. He'll fuck her and she'll be waiting by the phone for him to call her. But he won't. Yeah, I've been down that road before. Yeah, I know how this feels.
Her emotion is stable but her heart is fragile. She knows what she can get and appears strong to the eye.
But he'll finally take her down. With his foot on her heart he'll finally have her right where he wants her. He'll shatter her heart into peieces and watch her love for him gush out like tears from her eyes.
He'll use her and trash her like a burnt out ciggarette. She'll sit at home in her room in the dark and cry her eyes red and swollen to the songs of Thursday. She'll hurt and he won't even realize it.
After all he just wants to fuck her. Fuck her over and leave her and never speak to her again every chance he gets. She's got to know the truth. She's got to know who he really is.
She looks into his eyes trying to find something. She's looking for the burning fire that she has for him but he doesn't have for her. She'll be suprised to find something else. Nothing. Nothing, at all.
Just cold gray eyes that stare angrily back towards her because she won't give in. This is what she gets for loving someone who always plays their games and never deals their cards wrong. But someday, they will.
When you finally ditch her, when you finally slit her throat, when you lock the box that holds her love for you in it. Don't expect to be able to fall back on me.
This isn't right. This wasn't supposed to happen. But it did and it's going by fast. Pretty soon he'll be calling another girl up and asking
"can we repeat older times and just rewind?"
"No. Never."

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everything is way hotter in texas [15 Mar 2004|07:26am]


live it. love it. love you
how will i go on

[07 Dec 2003|05:49pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

heres a song i wrote:

"emotional anguish"

help me forget the times
ive been so direct
times where my honesty
shot right through your heart

But darling remember
Im just a human being
with a room full of imperfections
and a thousand books to learn from

My soul
My past
and future
Passing from my lips to yours
All the while my heart aching
knowing you cant possibly understand

Please take this memento off my hand
I want to erase all the lurid times we've had
Ill give you my regret and sorrow
Youll hand me your distressed heart
We'll drink the sympathetic potion
emerge into a better world
and start to play a lovely song

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[13 Oct 2003|08:39pm]

im ugly take me off.
how will i go on

[25 Sep 2003|11:31pm]

This is now closed. Due to lack of mods and participation. We are mostly busy with scenester_sex. So if you want to, try out for that. It's basically the same as emo_sex except with more variation in music ect. Yeah, it's better and we need more people over there anyways. CHECK IT OUT.
tell your friends mmhmmmmm.
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Hawt like Buttah. [25 Sep 2003|09:05am]

[ mood | bored ]

title or description
Underneath it all..Collapse )

12 _ how will i go on

[24 Sep 2003|11:46pm]

the name's celeste.Collapse )
19 _ how will i go on

[23 Sep 2003|06:10pm]

i resign. sorry, there's no passion in this anymore.

anyone feel responsible enough to take over my position?
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[21 Sep 2003|06:21pm]

[ mood | nothing ]

some of you may have already seen these pics



Location:alberta, canada

Sex: m

Name some music you like:american analog set, as friends rust, bad religion, blood for blood, boy sets fire, fugazi, jets to brazil, mogwai, no knife, primus, rites of spring, small brown bike, social distortion, sorry about dresden, the cure, the good life

Website: it's just a crappy personal site. It's in my info.

Favorite lyric and why: Can you imagine for a second doing anything just 'cause you want to? Well that's just what I do so hurray for me and fuck you.--I like it because it's how I would like to live my life someday. I know I don't do everything I ever want to, but I'd like to.

Any strong beliefs: straightedge

Hobbies:bmx, photography, guitar

Best concert/show you've ever seen:Bad Religion in Edmonton

Favorite food:pizza, fries, ramen. Normal stuff

Something you are ashamed to admit:For some reason I'm ashamed to admit I've been in love before. I don't know why, it's just I know for a fact I could never tell anyone I know.

Do you enjoy art? if so, whats your favorite kind and artist?: Photography. When people mess around with contrasts and stuff. Pictures of Cityscapes, landscapes. That sort of thing. Favorite photographers would be Mark Losey, Ane Morales, Manu Sanz, Rob Dolecki and Scott Papiro.

Describe your personality:I'm a sarcastic pedant who has absolutely no right to be one.

pictures{yeah, there's kind of a lot} (+13)Collapse )

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i'm just curious... [21 Sep 2003|12:45am]

hmm..i'm curious..so i'll take a shot!

//here you go\\Collapse )
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[19 Sep 2003|10:20pm]

[ mood | blah ]

hi. this can be deleted if it's not allowed, but you_own needs more members. so if anyone wants to go there & join, that'd be great.

how will i go on

[17 Sep 2003|05:13pm]


.... *takes cover*Collapse )
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[16 Sep 2003|06:18pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I decided to add something
+ - + - + Collapse )

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[15 Sep 2003|11:10am]
sorry for cross posting, but this is worth the attention, if you havent heard any of the new thursday cd. go pick it up tomorrow, or goto www.thursday.net they have a link for the entire thing streaming. it seems like every band does such a shit job of follow up albums. (just a stereotype, of course not everyone) but this cd, is what everyone should take note of. they came up with 11 sick ass songs. def worth checking out. :p pce
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new [14 Sep 2003|01:45pm]
x-posted from scenester_sex
the application.Collapse )
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[14 Sep 2003|07:28pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

new girl.Collapse )

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[13 Sep 2003|05:50pm]

my eyebrow= perfection.Collapse )
5 _ how will i go on

[13 Sep 2003|04:13pm]

[ mood | bored ]

so scene.Collapse )

32 _ how will i go on

N00b. [12 Sep 2003|11:45pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Read more...Collapse )
Sorry if I posted these wrong. I'm new to LJ and the like. :/
Ok, back on topic.
Age(no younger than 15):15
Location:Chicago, IL
Sex: Female
Name some music you like:copeland,ben folds,rilo kiley,dilinger escape plan,death cab for cutie, mewithoutyou,desaparecidos,Coheed and Cambria,tbs,modest mouse, alkaline trio, thrice, thursday, postal service, cursive, bright eyes, the clash, brand new,azure ray,the faint.
Website: (good for band promoting! but it's ok if you don't have one)none.
Favorite lyric and why:Oh god come quickly, for the execution of all things Let's start with the bears and the air and mountains rivers and streams Then we'll murder what matters to you and move on to your neighbors and kids Crush all hopes of happiness with disease cause of what you did -rilo kiley. Because I can relate to it in many ways.
Any strong beliefs: (sxe,vegan,vegetarian,religion, ect.)I believe in Jesus.yeah. and im edge.
Hobbies: writing.drawing.guitar. fun stuff.
Best concert/show you've ever seen: I recently saw brand new. They were cool. But my faveourite would probably be seein' rise against, great show.
Favorite food: my mommas mashed potatoes
Something you are ashamed to admit: I sleep with a teddy bear.
Do you enjoy art? if so, whats your favorite kind and artist?: Van Goh is cool. His work amuses me.
Describe your personality: loud. quiet. simple. compassionate.

17 _ how will i go on

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